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ABOUT helena

Flowers weren't always such a big part of my life. I began studying art which was then followed by acting. After realising neither of these were the right path for me I decided to enrol on a floristry course and  applied for an allotment. This turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. 


I began by growing veg but soon discovered my love for growing and arranging flowers. After working for others in the floristry world such as Jane Packer & Grace & Thorn I was shocked by the huge quantities that are brought in from all over the world in such an unethical way. These once natural and organic blooms are cut, plunged into chemicals and often flown thousands of miles before we actually see them. So much so that it is difficult to find anything that even has a scent anymore. This just didn't make sense to me.


I wanted to start a business that had a more organic approach to floristry so in 2016 I founded The Allotment Florist. Originally from Leeds, I grew up surrounded by the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. This wild and dramatic landscape continues to have a huge influence on me and my work. My aim is for every arrangement to look and feel as if it has been freshly picked from the garden. My little team and I try to grow as many different varieties as we can on the allotment in an organic and ethical way. I absolutely love growing flowers, arranging them, and just being on my plot surrounded by them. Everyone needs flowers in their life. 

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