Introduction to floristry online Course

This course can be done from home meaning you can come back to the tutorials again and again. Each week you'll be transported up to the field with me as I teach you how to create six gorgeous floral arrangements. Each workshop is pre-recorded so that the course can work around you.

Included in the course:

Welcome Video

Conditioning & Choosing Flowers

Hand Tied Bouquet

Flower Crown

Dried Flower Tablescape

Frog Pin Arrangement

Low Vase Arrangement


When you sign up you will be invited to join The Allotment Florist Introduction to Floristry's Facebook page where you can meet fellow students and talk about the course.


There is also the option to purchase The Florist's kit. This includes everything you need to begin as a budding florist as well as all equipment needed for the course.

Included In The Kit:

Japanese Sakagen Scissors


Brown Paper



Flexible Wire

Gutter Tape

Stub Wire

Low Vase

Pot Tape

Hand Made Shallow Bowl

Frog Glue

Frog Pin

Wreath Ring

Reel Wire



"I came to Helena's course hoping to learn the basics of floristry so that I could work with the flowers that I grow and take the first steps towards launching my cut flower business. I was amazed at how quickly I gained confidence with her tutorials, and it was especially useful being able to watch, pause and re-watch the videos and work at my own pace. Helena is an amazing teacher, she gives very clear guidance but also leaves plenty of room for personal interpretation of each piece. I have taken so much pleasure from this course as well as developing fantastic skills - I would recommend it to anyone."

                                                     - Susie, Past Student