What is included:

Welcome Video

Conditioning & choosing flowers

Hand Tied Bouquet

Low Vase Arrangement

Flower Crown

Frog Pin Arrangement


Dried Flower Tablescape


Remember there is the option to purchase flowers to accompany the course. These will be sent out each week and will move with the seasons. They will be all British and grown be me or local suppliers.


There is also the option to purchase The Florist's kit. This includes everything you need to begin as a budding florist as well as all equipment needed for the course.


Included In The Kit:

Japanese Sakagen Scissors


Brown Paper



Flexible Wire

Gutter Tape

Stub Wire

Low Vase

Pot Tape

Hand Made Shallow Bowl

Frog Glue

Frog Pin

Wreath Ring

Reel Wire


Introduction To Floristry Course - SEPTEMBER